martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Numbers, numbers...

Hi students!
We've been revising numbers in today's lesson, and there are some points you must study.
Here you've got a list with the ordinal and cardinal numbers.
Listen to their pronunciation and learn them.

Exercise on Numbers

Exercise on Cardinal Numbers

Exercise on Ordinal Numbers

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  1. teacher the numbers are fantastic!!:)you are my favourite teacher!!:)bstss^^

  2. Hi student!! You're working hard this year!! Keep on working!!

  3. Laura my favorite teacher!!! your I like explanations because you make us re-go and do me that the Englishman's class me passes rapidly!!(LL)bstss pretty!!^^:)

  4. teacher aora en spanish teacherr ke me lo paso mui bnn contigo y te copio una cosiillaa en el msn (lo de pakito el paco paco)mira el msnnn