domingo, 12 de febrero de 2017

Expressing FUTURE

A concise chart of how to express FUTURE in English 

1.- We have already made a decision:

a).- We are going to celebrate the Women’s Day on 8th March.
b).- Next year, you are going to study English in 3rd CSE.

2.- The present situation tells us something about the future.

a).- Yeye is playing football really well. Look! He’s going to score a goal! Goooooaaalllll!!!!


1.- We haven’t decided about the future yet, or we make a prediction. We often use words such as think, doubt, suposse, probably…

a).- I think all my students will pass the English test.
b).- I’ll probably finish preparing the test for tomorrow for my students when we finish this class.
c).- Look! It’s cloudy! I suppose it will rain in a few minutes.

2.- We decide at the time of speaking to do something:

a).-      Teacher: Have you finished the exercise?
Student: No! I’ll finish right now.
b).-      Teacher: Oh, I’ve forgotten to check the attendance on iSEN on my smart phone!!
Student: Don’t worry teacher! I’ll do it!!

sábado, 11 de febrero de 2017

Saint Valentine's Day

Let's watch this animated video to learn about who was Saint Valentine and his story. 

 Listen to the song "Happy" performed by "Secrets in Stereo" 

Can you complete the song adding the verbs given?