domingo, 12 de febrero de 2017

Expressing FUTURE

A concise chart of how to express FUTURE in English 

1.- We have already made a decision:

a).- We are going to celebrate the Women’s Day on 8th March.
b).- Next year, you are going to study English in 3rd CSE.

2.- The present situation tells us something about the future.

a).- Yeye is playing football really well. Look! He’s going to score a goal! Goooooaaalllll!!!!


1.- We haven’t decided about the future yet, or we make a prediction. We often use words such as think, doubt, suposse, probably…

a).- I think all my students will pass the English test.
b).- I’ll probably finish preparing the test for tomorrow for my students when we finish this class.
c).- Look! It’s cloudy! I suppose it will rain in a few minutes.

2.- We decide at the time of speaking to do something:

a).-      Teacher: Have you finished the exercise?
Student: No! I’ll finish right now.
b).-      Teacher: Oh, I’ve forgotten to check the attendance on iSEN on my smart phone!!
Student: Don’t worry teacher! I’ll do it!!

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